Problems Men Face In St. Petersburg Family Courts

Florida family laws have changed over recent years in an effort to create a more level playing field for men and women going through a divorce. Women no longer are automatically awarded sole custody of the children, for example, and now St. Petersburg courts presume a mother and father will share parental responsibility unless one of them proves such an arrangement would be detrimental in some significant way.
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How St. Petersburg Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Married Couples File For Bankruptcy Protection

If you are drowning in debt, then bankruptcy may be the only way out. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which a debtor initiates by filing a petition in the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy is also an option if you are facing foreclosure. A St. Petersburg bankruptcy attorney can help you file for bankruptcy protection if you are located in Tampa Bay or surrounding areas of Pinellas County.
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What is Divorce Mediation?

Many people think a costly court battle is the only way for divorcing spouses to resolve their differences. However, more and more Florida couples are taking advantage of a process called divorce mediation (, which offers a less costly, less contentious and quicker alternative to the traditional adversarial, or “Kramer v. Kramer,” approach.
The Coleman Law Group, with offices in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Land O’ Lakes, has experienced professionals dedicated to providing out-of-court solutions to couples who want to avoid lengthy and expensive trial proceedings.
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