Happily Ever Separated “When Mediated Divorce is the Best Way to Uncouple”


Ready to file for divorce in Florida? Take the following quick quiz to learn whether a mediated divorce proceeding guided by a Florida family law attorney acting as mediator is your best bet to happily ever separated. Which of the following descriptions best describes your situation?


  1. a) As divorcing spouses, my partner and I understand and agree that the welfare of our children is paramount. We would like to complete the Florida divorce proceedings as quickly as legally possible, and are willing to work out the details of our divorce and child support/custody in a clear and concise manner.
  2. b) We can’t be in the same room as one another. If I ask my spouse to meet me at a Florida family law firm, he won’t show up – and if he did, we would just start shouting anyway. Nothing would get resolved. Domestic violence and/or drugs/alcohol abuse have been an issue in our household.
  3. c) My spouse and I have very different beliefs and disagree sharply on matters, but we would both like to divorce quickly and with the least possible legal costs involved.


If you answered ‘a’ or even ‘c’, you’re in luck: a divorce with a mediator assisting may be just what you need. Read onward to learn the gist of divorce mediation in Florida. You can expect:


  • Control – You and your spouse will decide the terms of your settlement. A judge will not enter the picture unless mediation fails and you are forced to go to court to ultimately obtain your divorce.


  • Cooperation – The goal of divorce mediation is to forge agreements that are acceptable to both parties.


  • Collaboration and Privacy – During mediation, both parties have a chance to express their needs and preferences in a comfortable, non-threatening environment where privacy is protected.


A mediator is a neutral third party who identifies legal issues that need to be resolved and give you information about family law statutes. The mediator does not pass judgments, make decisions for you or give legal advice. Take note that mediation isn’t synonymous with ‘lack of representation’; each party may still opt to have a lawyer advise them if they wish.


A mediator can help you work through child custody agreements and http://www.attorneys.com/child-custody/florida/florida-child-custody-law-basics/; understand and schedule division spousal maintenance. http://www.divorcesupport.com/divorce/Florida-Spousal-Support-Maintenance-Alimony-481.html. The mediator can suggest options for resolving these matters and other applicable challenges – and once an agreement is reached, they will draw up the paperwork necessary for a binding settlement.


-That’s it. A traditional divorce can drag on and on; a mediator often helps spouses reach agreement within a few weeks or months. Because of the quick turnaround, mediated divorces typically cost much less. Avoiding huge attorney fees while coming to a mutually beneficial agreement with your once-partner is the best-case scenario.


For couples in the St. Petersburg, Tampa or Land O’ Lakes areas, The Coleman Law Group can help you decide if divorce mediation is right for you. Make an appointment with one of our caring, compassionate family law attorneys. There is life after divorce – we can help you discover it quickly and amicably through mediation.

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